About GreenTrack

About GreenTrack

Grows With You

From a single user start up, all the way through to a large multi-location company, GreenTrack has everything you need to take your cannabis operation to the next level.

GreenTrack software suite will work on any online device, and with any number of users, as per your requirements.

Compliance Made Easy

Built with compliance in mind, GreenTrack helps you navigate your local regulatory requirements with real time reporting, error alerts and region specific integrations. When it comes to compliance let GreenTrack do the heavy lifting for you.

User Friendly Enterprise Solution

From a Phone, Tablet, or Desktop... identifiable icons, and a comprehensive user-friendly interface, makes GreenTrack simple to navigate, learn, and implement.

A true Cloud based solution for all aspects of your cannabis business.

From Cultivation to Manufacturing, to Distribution, to Dispensary POS.

Seamless Integration with VS1Cloud

GreenTrack, integrated with VS1Cloud, makes it is more than just a, “Seed to Sale” software.

This powerful combination allows you to, create invoices, track your cash flow, accept payments, track your best sellers, plan for the future, and much more.

Tracking your business metrics accurately is essential for any company.

VS1Cloud saves you time and money by connecting your business, and making it easy to track and report on everything.




Empowering Businesses Everywhere

For over two decades, we have been delivering powerful, yet easy to use software that suits our clients’ needs.

Creating tools that allow any business to thrive and prosper.

Our Goal

GreenTrack brings you a sophisticated, yet easy to use cloud solution that gives you the tools to grow your business. From a single user, to a large multi-location company, GreenTrack is fully scalable.

Our Guarantee

If you are looking for a fully integrated, modern, up-to-date business suite to manage all aspects of your business, GreenTrack has all the features and functionality your business will need.

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