GreenTrack Compliance Software

Our team works hard to make sure that our software is continuously updated inline with the regulations constantly evolving worldwide


Our system is secure and trustworthy as it incorporates user password protection as well as there only being one account login per user making sure all users are accounted for

Secure Data Transfer

GreenTrack uses a secure API key to automatically report your compliance metrics in real time. No need to log into another cannabis regulatory bodies software portal for manual reporting. Duplicate data entry or loosing crucial records is eliminated.

Compliance Violation Protection

Know the exact location of every single item in your inventory in real time including your cannabis compliant packaging materials.

Knowing which employees have handled each plant or package at any time helps mitigate human error.

Live Integration to State and Country Compliance Systems

State reporting in real time while tracking plants and packages as they’re delivered to license holders across the supply chain – from the cultivator’s seeds all the way through processing, manufacturing, testing, delivery, and final sales to patients or consumers by a dispensary.

Record Keeping

Accurate and secure historical record keeping is the key to a successful regulator audit. Store your detailed transaction records for as many years as required by your regulatory authority. Single-click access to any transaction at any time means your records are complete and easily accessible.

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