CRM Module

Sales Management for the Cannabis Industry

Build Better Customer Relationships with GreenTrack CRM

Create a knowledge base that will allow you to better know, and serve your Customers.

Manage your Wholesale and/or Retail Customer accounts efficiently and effectively.

Confidently create orders, knowing that stock levels update live with every data entry.

Real Time Access to Vital Sales, and Purchase Information

Create Customer profiles and attach relevant documentation, such as licenses, and other Customer related correspondence.

Maintain a complete log of all Customer and/or Patient interactions. Record every sale with ease. Establish a complete Client history giving you total traceability for all time.

Sales Analysis Tools

Track each stage of every order, from creation to approval to dispatch and delivery.

Compile data that gives your business clear insight into Customer and Patient purchases and trends.

Any business in possession of the depth of information GreenTrack can provide, enables them to better plan for future demand and growth.

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