Distribution Module

Distribution Management to make informed buying and selling decisions

Configure Your Locations to Accurately Track Inventory

Efficiently manage wholesale operations and stay compliant. Accurately track inventory in real-time, across multiple locations. Automate compliance with GreenTrack’s batch-based product tracking, and associated lab results.

Your Inbound and Outbound Orders, All in One Place

Track all incoming inventory through GreenTrack’s robust Purchase Order management system.

Track all outgoing sales with GreenTrack’s detailed Sales Order, Invoicing management system.

All Inbound and Outbound stock accurately accounted for.

Delivery Tracking with Detail Required for Compliance

It is quick and easy to generate invoices, along with transportation manifests.

Complete historical reporting.

Maintain records of transportation manifests, noting vehicle, driver, destinations and cargo details, required for regulatory review.

Integrated with BioTrack and METRC state Systems.

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