Complete Cannabis Accounting Software

GreenTrack when combined with VS1Cloud is a Fully Integrated Accounting System. No more double data entry.

Data Transparency

Data Transparency is critical to understanding your financials.
Your business accounting software should “manage your business”.
Your business should not have to “manage your software”.

Real Time Reporting

Simply drill into any value on any of your financial reports, e.g. Profit & Loss or Balance Sheet, to access the transactional data, in real time.

Bank Transfers

GreenTrack, integrated with VS1 Cloud, enables you to automate Supplier payments with ease.

Handling Your Financials

GreenTrack, integrated with VS1Cloud, gives the user exceptional flexibility.

  • Customize your Chart of Accounts
  • Manage multiple Cost Centers/Departments
  • Real Time Reporting, anywhere, anytime
  • Graph or List format Reports
  • Manage multiple Companies
  • Consolidated Reporting
  • Bank Feed Integration
  • Full selection of Financial Reports

Accurate, Real Time Charts and Reports

GreenTrack, integrated with VS1Cloud, comes standard with a generous selection of graph style charts and reports.

With Real time reporting, you can do a health check on your business, anywhere, anytime.


GreenTrack, integrated with VS1Cloud, has an extensive range of graphs readily available from the financial reports, including the Dashboard

Simply alter the existing graph, or create your own, then save it for on-going use.


Reconcile all your bank accounts with ease.

GreenTrack, integrated with VS1Cloud, has a bank integration facility, allowing you to reconcile accounts via an automated bank feed.

Financial Reporting

No more, time-consuming data batch updates, or monthly rollovers. Run your financial reports, live, anytime, from anywhere.
Keeping in touch with your business in this fast-paced world is easy with GreenTrack, integrated with VS1Cloud.
Simply drill into any value on any financial report to access the transactional data.

Drill into data to take you right back to the source of the transaction.

All the way from a reconciled payment, back to the original Quote or Order.

Centralized Financial Management Solution


All Reports in GreenTrack work in real time.

The moment anything updates in GreenTrack, when integrated with VS1Cloud, the rest of the system knows about it.


GreenTrack, integrated with VS1Cloud, lets you drill into any report. Simply click on any transaction to access the data behind it.

Bank Feed

No need to manually reconcile your bank accounts.

GreenTrack, integrated with VS1Cloud, the Bank Feed Integration automates this process for you.

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