Access GreenTrack Software
From Any Device

Utilise GreenTrack’s full capabilities, whether using Windows, Android, or iOS. All you need is access to the Internet.

Modules For Every Seed to Sale Business


Maximum flexibility! From the creation of your Chart of Accounts and Cost Centers, to Real Time Reporting.


Track plants across all growth phases, from cultivation to harvesting, to increase your yield and overall process efficiencies.


Manage each stage of your manufacturing process. From extraction and refinement, to the finished product.


Get Organized. Maintain detailed Customer information. Analyze data to give you real results and happy Customers.


Plan, track, and manage your inventory and packages. Automatically generate purchase orders, invoices, and manifests.


Dispensary POS designed for compliance. Medical or Recreational, GreenTrack delivers a seamless cannabis retail experience.

Run Your Business
From Anywhere

Use our online application to run your business from anywhere, using any device.

Invoice Your Customers
From Anywhere

No need to wait to get back to the office!
Create invoices anywhere, anytime.

Produce Reports in

GreenTrack Reporting is next to none.
Access accurate business data in seconds.

Live Integration to State and Country Compliance Systems

State reporting in real time while tracking plants and packages as they’re delivered to license holders across the supply chain – from the cultivator’s seeds all the way through processing, manufacturing, testing, delivery, and final sales to patients or consumers by a dispensary.




A Global Organization

For over two decades, we have been researching what our Client’s need, want, and must have, in terms of software.

GreenTrack software is not only easy to use, but also very detailed in its delivery of information.

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