Processing Module

Cannabis Manufacturing and Processing – helping you to deliver high quality products

Streamline Production, and Automate Compliance

Full Material Requirements Planning (MRP) functionality designed for the cannabis industry.

Capture Cannabis and CBD extraction data to comply with your State or Country requirements, whether you specialize in dried product, extracts, infusions, or edibles.

Maximize Your Resources and Track Your Costs

GreenTrack Extraction Runs, and Bill of Materials (BOM’s), enables tracking of components and costs at each step of the process.

Set up BOM’s with each stage of the process, for any product you manufacture.

When you set up Process Steps and Materials, you can easily repeat the same process. This ensures consistency, to produce the highest quality Cannabis products every time.

Control Inventory, Manage Production, and Stay Compliant With State Regulations

Generate unique package ID's for accurate traceability.

Convert products into single, or multiple by-products, while maintaining a complete chain of custody.

Log cost per gram, yields, wastage, product notifications, and recalls.

Optimize Inventory Management at Each Phase of Your Process

Benefit from accurate auto planning and a realistic production schedule. Always know what, when and how much to produce based on production capabilities. Effectively manage your production costs while materials are still in the production process (WIP)

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