Cannabis Dispensary POS System

The Cannabis Retail Platform that Grows With You

Check in With Valid ID and Age Verification

Seamlessly add new or returning customers to your POS queue, with a simple mobile ID scanner.

The age verification scanner is a very quick and easy process that prevents underage sales.

Maintain a complete customer profile, including purchase history and related notes. Quick and easy retrieval of this information is invaluable.

GreenTrack Dispensary POS Designed with Compliance in Mind

Prevent your staff from breaking the Purchase Limit rules.

Greentrack displays limits per Customer, thus preventing sales exceeding state transaction limits.

Configure hours of operation to ensure you only operate within authorized times.

Choose Your Hardware

GreenTrack is a Cloud based application that is hardware friendly.

You can run GreenTrack on any internet enabled device or POS terminal, including MacOS, Windows, or iOS.

Seamless State and Country Traceability Integration

Greentrack is a Seed to Sale compliant POS system integrated with METRC, and BioTrackTHC.

Automate reporting of regulation data required by local and federal government.

Export Canadian Compliance reports, and upload them to your provincial online portal.

Retail Management

Customer Tracking

Complete details as required to keep an accurate customer database, which can be added to, or deleted from, depending on your requirements


An extensive and complete history of every transaction and appointment that you have made for a customer or patient


State reporting in real time while tracking plants and packages as they are delivered to license holders across the supply chain

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